Hi – I’m Skye Selbiger, a Product Designer from Portland, OR currently at Cozy. I refine processes, define strategies, mentor others, design products, and code sometimes.

(I also roast coffee and co-own a small batch bakery specializing in naturally leavened bread and baked goods.)

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Over the last 5+ years, I've worked with some amazing teams to design, build, and ship products that empower people. I focus on making sure both business goals and user’s needs are met, without compromising either.

The better way to rent
End-to-end property management software built specifically for independent landlords, and savvy renters that are ready to ditch paper checks and improve their credit history.

At Cozy, I've primarily worked on our payments products and design system. Most recently though, I've been leading design on our new listings features: communication and discovery.
Scale consistently
Lingo by Noun Project
Digital asset management platform and native mac app for teams of all sizes that want to scale their design system consistently, and empower anyone in their organization to use their visual language to create.
While working on Lingo, I focused on the mac app's core UX, interactions, and visual design. This also included the sign up and onboarding experiences. In addition to working on the app, I also spearheaded our monetization strategies.
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Icons for everything
Noun Project
Web platform for licensing and distributing over a million icons. Perfect if you need just a few icons for quick prototyping, or a set of them for leveling up your presentation. There's an icon for everything and anything on Noun Project.
In addition to the web platform, we built an native mac app that empowers anyone to create. You don't need to be a designer to communicate beautifully.
At Noun Project, I mainly worked on icon creator experiences like uploading icons to the platform, learning how to create icons, and their dashboard. In addition to the platform, I worked on our internal moderation tool.
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Product Designer
Nov. 2016 - Present
Product Designer
Jun. 2015 - Nov. 2016
Noun Project
Product Designer
Jr. Interactive Designer
Jr. Designer
Design Intern
Apr. 2014 - Nov. 2016
End-to-end product design
UX research, usability and user testing
Various prototyping techniques
UX Writing
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I’m passionate about exploring digital spaces, and the impact that design can have on people, communities, and businesses. I care deeply about the teams I work with, the companies I work at, and the people I design and build products for. I give everything my all, because I'd regret if I didn't ❤️.

In my spare time, I roast coffee ☕️, work on side projects, and co-own a small batch bakery with my partner, Cortney, called Wyld Bread.

Oh, and take care of this little (big) guy named River 🐕.
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Contact: skyeselbiger(at)

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